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06 November 2009 @ 12:25 pm
Minna, The subarashii Maishouku's birthday is Nov. 6...but since here it's still 6 and in asia it's now 7...forgive me for the late post mai! Anyways our amazing uploader/translator Mai is now...secret age old....here's a gif for her... =) and thanks to her my video editing got better haha...

spazzy Ohno (like she has not seen this one LoL)

Credits to[info]wannatee_1984 for the amazing gif. =)

For the secret talk and baystorm projects, be patient it'll come right up...so for now  enjoy other side projects we can come up with ne! =)
18 October 2009 @ 10:42 pm

ok I know this is not a fanart or a file...but this is something really important that as a devoted fan I am hoping to share this post in every arashi community in the web...

ARASHI IS UP AGAINST KATTUN IN BATTLE OF THE POP FOR THE FINALS IN CHANNEL V!...and surprisingly KATTUN FANS ARE GOING HYPED UP!..please Arashi needs our votes...they've gone so far this year, but in fandom world it'll be a big hit if they lost to KATTUN in this Asia wide battle...they need our help...please...

We fans have worked so hard in order just to get Arashi on top of BOP for theprevious weeks...LET'S NOT STOP NOW JUST WHEN FINALS IS UP!..Let's make a STORM in Asia and in the Johnny's Fandom...


Look, as Sho puts it in his words when he guested in SCP, what makes him happy for being an idol is being able to put smile on fans faes or be a source of joy....now IT IS OUR TURN TO MAKE ARASHI FEEL THE LOVE AND JOY...


20 July 2009 @ 01:11 pm
What is araSSSHitalk?

Oh, us?
We're a bunch of members who just so happen to know what goes into making subtitled videos. This team started off for one purpose: to english sub arashi secret talks. Although we are currently focusing on that now, we hope that one day we can venture off and sub different arashi and other asian related videos.

1. no selling our subs in any way for personal profit. we are a free fansub group.
2. no redistributing our subs as your own, or using our subs to translate into another language without permission from us.
3. no uploading our subbed projects onto streaming sites, we will do that ourselves. our group will especially make a channel on different streaming sites such as youtube to upload previews of our own works. in the future we may upload complete projects.
4. please try and comment when taking a subbed video, it motivates us to keep going! oh and enjoy what we do, because without your satisfaction it'd be useless.

Anything else?
+ please be patient when it comes to releasing projects, we're not super people here and don't plan having a solid schedule as to when we release things.
+ membership is MODERATED. meaning you'll need to comment this post and agree to the rules in order to become a member of the community, then click the join button.
+ lost as to what to say? a simple 'hi, i promise to abide by your rules, thank you.' will work.
+ you will be instantly denied if you join first without a comment.
+ if you were denied membership, don't get mad, just make sure you thoroughly read. joining is simple and easy, and there are only two steps. plus it's posted on the community AND the profile... you are free to try again if you are denied.
+ if you are interested in joining our subbing group, please email us at arassshisubs@gmail.com with the subject of 'joining the team'
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